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Powdered Supplements Incoming Raw Materials to Finished Product Shipment
COMMAND Nutritionals - GMP Certified with Professional Team and Latest Technology

COMMAND Nutritionals, a dietary supplement contract manufacturer is committed to uncompromising product quality and consistency.

We have received an “A” Compliance Rating for our Certification Audit in the UL Natural Product Associations GMP 3rd Party Certification Program and are in full compliance with the most recent FDA regulations:

21 CFR 111 – Current Good Manufacturing Practices in Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements.

Final Rule and the UL National Product Association(NPA) – Final FDA Rules for Dietary Supplements

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) are guidelines that provide procedures, processes and documentation to ensure the product manufactured consistently meets the established specifications relating to:





Professional Team and Latest Technology

Our highly trained lab technicians use the latest technology, high speed, instrumentation including UPLC, NIR, and Kjeltec Protein Analysis.

We also partner with qualified, audited and certified outside labs to assist in quick turn around microbiological testing along with select raw material and finished product analytical tests.

Stability Study

We also perform and maintain long-term and accelerated Stability Studies. The accelerated studies are regularly monitored in a state of the art environmental chamber which maintains pre-set temperature and relative humidity conditions.

Finished product specifications are mutually agreed upon with the customer

Representative samples of the product in the final packaging are monitored and sampled

Periodic analytical testing is performed to confirm label claim compliance and physical state stability

Quality – From Raw Materials to Finished Product

COMMAND Nutritionals, as a dietary supplement contract manufacturer, ensures quality beginning with incoming raw materials and packaging components, through work-in-process, to finished product shipment. This includes the following quality control procedures:

Stringently scrutinizing and qualifying all prospective material suppliers via a Supplier Qualification and Audit Program.

All incoming materials are quarantined upon receipt and then identity tested via Near Infra Red (NIR) to confirm their identity.

Specific material specifications have been established for each raw material and packaging component and then thoroughly tested to assure that they meet specification prior to use.

Pre-shipment QC audits and final inspections of all finished goods prior to shipment.

Continuous in-process QC checks verifying ingredient identity, weight, and addition, appropriate sign-off, and actual vs theoretical yield to protect against non-conforming product.

Organoleptic and physical state comparisons to the control sample to confirm flavor profile, sweetness, mouthfeel, aroma, texture and appearance.

QC sign-off on all packaging line equipment, bulk powder, and packaging components, prior to start-up, to ensure the established packaging specifications are being met.

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